University of Ottawa - Academy for Innovation in Medical Education Study (A.I.M.E.)
Programming / Conceptual Design Study
Ottawa, Ontario
University of Ottawa
The Academy for Innovation in Medical Education was conceived to serve as the research and innovation centre for activities in medical education at the University of Ottawa. As the funding to realize this project was never secured, the project was not built. The concept was conceived as follows:

The structure of the Academy is focused in four key aspects of medical education:
- Evaluation Centre

- Surgical, Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

- Technology

- Enabled Teaching and Learning

- Continuing Professional Development

The Evaluation Centre houses a national centre for medical education and is a joint collaboration between the Medical Council of Canada, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine which evaluate and assess physicians and physicians in training. The Centre houses numerous specialized audio/video examination rooms, observation rooms as well as classrooms, test development areas, conference rooms and support spaces. Sharing resources and expertise amongst these three organizations allow for expanded assessment expertise, greater research opportunities and improved facilities which include the provision of enhanced services.

The Surgical, Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre contains a range of medical simulation models from low tech bench models to high-tech, high-fidelity cardiac mannequins. The use of virtual reality simulators integrates with real-time patient interactions. The centre houses clinical environments such as operating theatres, emergency departments, therapy rooms as well as supporting spaces for diagnostic equipment to simulate the clinical environments. Also provided are rooms suitable for workshops, video taping and small group learning.

The Technology - Enabled Teaching and Learning Centre provides a fully equipped technical facility for the production of complex interactive virtual learning environments and online simulations. This e-learning initiative houses a series of audio/video production sweets with the capacity for digital audio and video creation with media streaming. Additional spaces provide graphic workstations, work areas, presentation/ meeting rooms and dedicated secure server rooms.

The concept of continuing professional development has expanded to include not only continuing medical, but also teaching skills development and career development. Programs such as the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada maintenance certification program have also expanded the focus of continuing medical education activities beyond the need of general practitioners to include the needs of specialist physicians. This is accomplished through small group learning activities and technology based online learning programs.

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